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We are a global source devoted to beauty recommendations by experts. Here you'll find the most recommended beauty products from makeup artists, celebrities, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hair stylists, and more, all painstakingly curated for you.

Glisserati was founded on the belief that knowledge and data can help us find the products that are perfectly suited for us. In fact, "Glisserati" is a word we created based on the words "glisten," which means to shine, and "literati." The literati are well-educated people who are interested in literature. The Glisserati are well-educated people who are interested in beauty.

We identify and rate the best beauty products by using a myriad of signals, including public mentions by people sharing the products they love, beauty award winners and nominees, and user ratings.

We have the most comprehensive collection of beauty recommendations from beauty experts such as Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Nicole Kidman, Madison Beer, and more.

We feature only the very best beauty products -- ones that are consistently highly rated on multiple metrics. Ratings are calculated on hard data, which keeps Glisserati objective and fact-based.

How do we make money? If you click on a link on Glisserati and choose to make a purchase, we often (but not always) make a commission from the retailer. Our mission is to be objective and the most important thing to use is reader trust.

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