iS Clinical Cleansing Complex
iS Clinical
Cleansing Complex

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is a clear, lightweight cleansing gel is powerful, yet gentle enough for very sensitive skin. Cleansing Complex incorporates a balance of bionutrients, antioxidants and mild resurfacing ingredients that thoroughly cleanse the surface and pores without stripping essential natural oils. Very effective for removing makeup. Excellent for all skin types and all ages, this cleanser even helps control acne.

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Expert recommendations
  • Lana Condor

    Lana Condor

    American actress | 24 years old

    December 1, 2021

    I love it because it is heavy-duty and gets the job done. I can go to sleep faster.source

  • Neels Visser

    Neels Visser

    Film actor | 23 years old

    June 19, 2001


  • Monika Blunder

    Monika Blunder

    Makeup artist0

    September 1, 2016

    Featured in Monika's "My Favorite Skincare Products" video.source